Comprehensive Skills and Applications list.



Compositing 3D objects into video for site specific design visualization.

Creating non-linear interactive video systems for kiosks and information stations.

Visualizing abstract concepts through 3D animation.

Correctly lighting, shooting and editing interviews.

Projection Mapping:

  1. Building a 3D model.
  2. Virtually "Unfolding" that model and translating it onto a flat plane.
  3. Copying that design onto a piece of coro-plast.
  4. Folding the piece back together origami style IRL.
  5. Animating using the 3D model and projecting that animation back onto the object.

Motion graphics and 2D animation using Adobe After Effects.

Video Editing using Adobe Premiere.

SLR Photography / Video


Tinkering / Prototyping

Wireless control of networked LED systems.  ( As an example: the technology could be used to create wearable markers to indicate who to talk to in a crowd.)

Building and sending video to LED walls, including pixel mapping irregularly shaped LED arrays to accept regular video.

Solid understanding of digital and analog circuitry.

Supplying power and triggering kinetic and electromechanical mechanisms.

Building tactile human/computer interfaces, button / knob boxes etc.

3D Printing.

Using SMOOTH-ON products for mold making and casting plastic. 



Sonic interaction design.

Audio Restoration, noise reduction, pop and click treatment, de-clipping.

Sound design and foley for video.

Understanding of various types of audio synthesis (Analog, FM, Granular, Vocal)

Musical Production / Composition.


Social / Teaching / Events

Two years teaching in a classroom setting.

Two years as a teachers assistant.

Generating my own classroom materials.

Curriculum and syllabus development.

Familiarity setting up sound equipment and projectors for events.


Digital Design:

Document / website layouts using InDesign and Adobe Comp.

Using InDesign to make user manuals with dynamic links.

3D Design using SketchUp.

Building front end image strips and GUI assets for software and APPs (An image for each position of a knob turning, switches moving, light turning on and casting shadows, making reflections on other elements etc.)


Software and Related

Programming with Max/MSP (10 Years experience)

  1. Hooking up knobs, buttons and other tactile sensors.
  2. Passing data from one machine to another over a network.
  3. Passing data in between softwares using OSC and MIDI.
  4. Analyzing and processing video streams, facial recognition, blob recognition etc.
  5. Interfacing Leap Motion for hand gesture controlled actions.
  6. Interfacing with Microsoft Kinect.

Good knowledge of SWIFT programming language.


Construction Experience.

Drywall and framing using wood and steel studs.

Building large safe freestanding structures.

Familiarity with building codes and the legal process of permitting.

MIG Welding and Metalwork. (Tables, Benches, Shelving, etc)